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Outstanding Nightingale items - Scrapbook - Miss B Tyler.

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Ms Barbara Tyler Assistant Matron St Thomas Hospital Hydestle London Outstanding Nightingale School of Nursing Items II.
The Scrapbook of Miss B Tyler


Page 4 of the photograph scrapbook which once belonged to Ms Barbara Tyler.  Gina O - (an American correspondent) - kindly contributed photographs of the original scrapbook. The book subsequently passed to Keith Haikes an American male nurse who has maintained contact with SoN. Keith also purchased Barbara Tyler's badges and other memorabilia from Gina O.  On with the photographs...

The left-hand picture I think was probably taken because of the flower bed, but given that SoN has a good selection of hospital building photographs we might yet see a possible match. Perhaps a long shot... I believe that MHB was a military hospital - probably Botley's Park War Hospital in 1940.... but the patients and the nurse are a mystery....

       No caption

The nurses in the photographs above remain a mystery. My belief is that this was the military hospital previously mentioned 'MHB'; that the nurse or ward was perhaps called 'Bonson' or 'Bowson'. Slim clues perhaps, but then that is research. One day, someone somewhere, looking at these pictures from Barbara Tyler's enigmatic scrapbook will identify someone - or something, perhaps in a copy of a photograph they themselves possess, or have seen elsewhere, and we will have a couple more answers....

More from MHB (1940). There may still be someone out there who can match or recognise the photographs. The nurse in the left hand photograph was certainly a VAD - and the young boy - he may still be alive. Who was he - what was he doing there? And Christmas 1940 - is that a ward-round in progress? And the nightingale in the photograph below?...

We may well be able to find out and document considerably more about the hospitals involved and some of the more senior nurses. Whatever every page more of Barbara Tyler's photograph scrapbook published is adding another grain of knowledge, another piece of nursing history, available to all who may have an interest. More pages next time...

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