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Outstanding Nightingale items - Scrapbook - Miss B Tyler.

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Ms Barbara Tyler Assistant Matron St Thomas Hospital Hydestle London Outstanding Nightingale School of Nursing Items II.
The Scrapbook of Miss B Tyler


Page 2 of the photograph scrapbook which once belonged to Ms Barbara Tyler - Gina O - (an American correspondent) kindly contributed photographs of the the original scapbook. The book subsequently passed to Keith Haikes an American male nurse who has maintained contact with SoN. Keith also purchased Barbara Tylers' badges and other memorabilia from Gina O. On with the photographs...
The prayer of the Nightingale school of nursing, St Thomas' Hospital, London

And here is the Nightingale School of Nursing prayer - repeated, undoubtedly, by every 'Nightingale' who trained there. Faithfully preserved by Barbara Tyler in her scrapbook. Devotion to the Nightingale cause was clearly important to her, as can be seen in the photographs below...

But the photographs below. There was no explanation as to who  Dame Monica Wills, Miss Baillie, were. The latter, examining other photographs might well have been a nurse - a sister or Matron perhaps -accompanying  Dame Wills. Sybil Thorndyke is perhaps fairly easy to place (centre insert below) but who was Miss Clarke - the lady in the wheelchair pictured right....?

Keith Haikes.
Dame Sybil Thorndike CH DBE
Sybil Thorndike.jpg
Sybil Thorndike photographed in 1943
Born Agnes Sybil Thorndike
(1882-10-24)24 October 1882
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Died 9 June 1976(1976-06-09) (aged 93)
London, England
Years active 1904-1970
 Source Wikipedia (Commons)

Keith Haikes.

But where were the photographs taken, and why? What made them significant enough to Barbara Tyler for them to be included in her photograph albumn? There is at least a partial answer at the top of the albumn pages below - though unfortunately there is a little damage to the page.... The hand written title on both seems to read "St Monica's home (or house) of Re...... April 1929 - June 193....  I personally believe St Monica's is in England - but where? Why were the photographs retained?

And on to the start of the more modern pictures in the photograph albumn - The Nightingale (nurses) Home of 1932. It seems unlikely that anyone will remember these ladies after so many (81) years and given that 'Chidell', 'Peach'.and 'Kaye' would have been at least 18 years old when the photographs were taken they may no longer be with us. But if anyone knows better, a relative perhaps, please do let us know.

We have a start, and there are many photographs to go before we reach the end of Barbara Tylers' photograph scrapbook, but by the time we do we will have made another piece of nursing history available to all who may have an interest. More pages next time.
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