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Outstanding Nightingale items - Scrapbook - Miss B Tyler.

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  Outstanding Nightingale School of Nursing Items II.  


"There can be no doubt in the minds of serious collectors that the badge of the Nightingale School of Nursing is one of the most beautiful and superbly executed designs ever to be produced. For a nurse to gain and ultimately wear one on her uniform must have been a source of pride bar none....  The chance to own one - become a custodian for a short time - is the stuff a nurse-collector's dreams" (1)...

So when Gina O - an American correspondent told us that she was not only about to sell one, but that she also had Ms Tyler's original hospital scrapbook I was transfixed! Any scrapbook is of course a highly personal item, but containing, as this one does, considerable history relating directly to her career as an assistant matron at St Thomas' Hospital it would be a sin to keep it hidden....
Ms Barbara Tyler Assistant Matron St Thomas Hospital Hydestle London

And no, that isn't her scrapbook on her desk - more probably a report book. The scrapbook - as far as possible -in the order received - follows after the next picture. We will need at least the next year to complete this project but with help it is certainly possible.

But first you had better meet the Matron of Hydestyle - Miss Smyth... We don't know anything else about Miss Smyth - her badge shows that she was Nightingale trained, but we would like to know much more. Perhaps you could fill the space opposite?....


And the photographs below. Who were the people? Dame Monica Wills; Miss Baillie; and Ms Kyle; Holbrook; and G.Kyle? They were obviously important to Barbara Tyler, but just who were they?


At the start of the scrapbook there are several photographs which will probably prove difficult to identify. But others will be easier, although perhaps a challenge - nurses in uniform especially named and with ranks, are a good start. Some will, in all probability, remain in the ether. But their photographs will always pose the question of who they were.  With luck, we will gain some extended history....

Who, for example, was Sister Merry? Where was the photograph taken? When? Modern cameras often file much detail electronically, but we have no such technology to help here. We do have the name of a Sister though, and that does look like a hospital behind...

And who is Ruth Everett? Doctor? Therapist? Technician?

And Sister May?

A whole host of questions - certainly more than we have answers to at the present time. The ladies on the left below - are they nurses? Orderlies? And what is Walburton - a ward perhaps? And the ladies in the centre - who were they - outside what appear to be two churches, although one could be a manor house? And who was Marjorie Lane Laurie Klitz (Rt)- and  - does anyone recognise that bath-chair?

'Passmore', Phillips, Fisher, & (?) Cruttwell

The photographs become much more nursing and hospital oriented as the scrapbook proceeds, but we have a start, perhaps someone will, recognise a who, what or where before we come back next time with another set of photographs.
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