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December 2007
(Vol 1 Issue 2)

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Welcome the news Page here at Schools of Nursing.

Being only our second edition we are anxious that we can give another good account of ourselves - especially since we really have been incredibly busy amassing material for use on the site. And permissions to use it.....

Before we can use anything on site which is the property of someone else we need to ask their permission, which adds to the workload just a little. It is however, incredibly rewarding to discover so many helpful and supportive people. When you see someone's name (copyright) acknowledged, for example under a photograph, spare a thought - that someone has considered the request and then agreed to help. By no means all nurses either. All could have simply declined our request, or just 'lost' it. With our terms and conditions - No pay, no holidays, no days off - and definitely no pension, well, it boosts our faith in people to get so much support!

If any of you are reading this, our sincere thanks again - we hope that you approve our use - and that our use feels as rewarding to you as receiving your permission was to us.

Bibliography page.
Only a couple of new additions to the first (General) section but we are working on the development of more specific sections, for example my own particular area (research in nursing) and hopefully a section on nursing magazines will progress well.

Photograph Galleries.
we already have a couple of infant galleries (which are not yet ready to open) and we are now working on our first public gallery, which we are keeping under wraps - a bit like the star exhibit at the Car of the Year Exhibition, until we can whip off the wraps - hopefully to sighs of admiration! And worries that there won't be any!!

We are also working on our first contributed (under duress!) article.
It will be an illustrated feature on the design of our nursing badge history. Anyone glancing around the forum should be able to detect the author's name....

The site forum was considered an essential. Somewhere live where people can chat. Can relate and share their own experiences. Contact colleagues. Offer information.

Because the site is about nursing history, much of what will make it come alive will not only come from records, but from living nurses. We wanted somewhere live where real live nurses can not only contact others - old colleagues perhaps - and can also contribute to nursing history directly with stories and reminiscences. Dare we add, 'revelations'?....

Whatever, we have the a chance here on the forum to add our own contributions directly, rather than, was so often the case in the past, through a third party. Please join in - all contributions are welcome.

E-Mail Contact - the 'contact' link (above and throughout the site) arrives directly on the webmaster's desk. Use it to communicate directly with the site. It is considered confidential unless the contents are stated to be otherwise.

Several nurses have already communicated about aspects of the site. Every single communication is considered to be important. All receive personal replies - if ever you do not get a personal reply please tell us. All comments and suggestions are well considered and where necessary acted upon. Never believe that we have forgotten - sometimes changes take a little time - for example when we need to check points raised against our data.

More thanks..
We will eventually include a page credits. For now we would like to thank Adrian B - our website 'mechanic' for applying his expertise to the development of our forum and it's database. Julie B (no relation) for applying her expertise as a librarian. Susan B (again no relation to the others!) for applying her expertise on genealogy whenever it has been sought. To everyone who has contributed we owe a debt which we hope the existence of the site itself will eventually repay.

My personal thanks are, hopefully, undoubted.  I am deeply indebted.  WB.

Last month I suggested just a few of the ways there are of preserving nursing history. Collecting "Badges; belts; buckles; buttons; uniforms - capes; caps; dresses and even aprons, stamps; first day covers; books and outdated official documents - some of the items available which help record the history of the nursing profession".  Anything that assists preserve the history of the nursing profession is valuable.

Since the last 'news' I have been doing a little of my own practical collecting via ebay. Practising what we preach! And enjoyable it has been too.

Quite apart from nursing badges, which I collect anyway - lately a very nice State Midwifery badge issued to a midwife in Wales; a couple of very nice QARANC uniform collar badges; a nice GNC Registered Fever nurse badge; and a particular RCN  badge missing from my collection. I am still one short...

For this news I branched out and stepped into the world of philately.

A 'Superb block of 30 unfolded un-mounted mint top-quality British P.O. issue 1970 from the Anniversary series Florence Nightingale 1820 -1910 nurse in the Crimean Wars stamps' (4.19 post free).  I also bought 5 superbly pristine Florence Nightingale 150th  birthday exhibition first day covers - including one with an official British forces nightingale anniversary post mark - all, of course bearing a stamp from the same series as the mint block mentioned... Nice, reasonably priced.

On the subject of British forces nursing/hospitals I did see and buy a 70th anniversary of the Queen Alexandras Hospital (1902 - 1972) FDC illustrated with a QA nurse wearing the uniform of each of those years standing either side of the QA badge.

Getting into the swing I then purchased a stunning FDC commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Hospital Haslar (serving Gosport, Fareham & the Royal Navy - 2nd June 2003 - bearing 2 QEII stamps cancelled with the official stamp of the BFPO commemorating the event. Very Nice.

Finally, and not bad for a novice philatelist thinks I, don't miss the RAF!! Two absolutely magical first day covers - RAF Ely and Princess Mary's RAF Nursing Service - both depicting the 50th anniversary (21st Nov 1973) of the granting of the charter of the latter... Both signed by the  Matron-in-Chief A.Comdt B.M.Ducat - Amos, Dean of Ely (M.S.Carey), & the pilots!

A two volume (1916) set of books on Florence Nightingale seemed a real prize, but, forgive me - I failed to win the ebay auction selling a book with a superb history - the fly leaf noted and gifting the book to a sick neighbour (and bearing the signature of) Florence Nightingale!! Forgive me? I never will....

Gt Ormond St Hospital for Sick Children, London - January 1958

Almost 50 years ago... January 1958 saw the commencement of another Preliminary Training School course at Gt Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, London. Another 28 young ladies beginning a career in nursing.  Go to 'Photo Gallery.

Left to right/
Back Row: Ann Duke. Jane Tyas. Barbara Stawes. Jenny Seegar. Barbara Russell. Mary worth. Elizabeth Moon. Celia Burrell. Vicky Fort. Alison Bullough.
Middle Row: Taffy Lewis. Dot Gilrea. Grace Glade. Ursula Williams. Fiona Hunt. Jenny Cath. Daphne Hayward. Pam Atieno. Pat Speck. Diana Partridge.
Front Row: Joya Dutch. Denise D'Arcy. Valerie Venn. Annabel Chudley. Sylvia Hoggar. Jennifer Finch. Julia North. Sheila Linton.

This group is currently planning a 50th Anniversary celebration  next year of their commencing training. We don't know where or the exact date right now, but we are hoping that some of them may join the forum and enlighten us.

Well, that seems a very pleasant note upon which to end the first Schools on Nursing News, so for now I will say goodbye and wish you all well.

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