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February 2010
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Welcome to our thirteenth news page here at Schools of Nursing.
There being no January news, belated greetings for 2010, and for the superstitious among us let me just reassure that my own lucky number is 13.. And that Friday the 13th has been my luckiest day for as long as I can remember. Please feel free to share!

So what do we have this month? A little of a mixed bag.

First, in case you missed it the promised article on badges and buckles by contributor Edelweiss James went on-line as planned. If you did miss it, It is right here.

The second item which I am hoping will be of interest to you, as it involves my own special area of interest - the preparation of individual nurse histories - is that the ball is already rolling on our second project - a nurse/midwife who trained at St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth in the late 1930's, and who served during WWII with the Q.A.R.A.N.C territorial army. We have been fortunate enough to have been entrusted with this history by her daughter who has already provided much valuable information and many photographs. Hopefully it will be open by the time of our next news page.
The latest (Edelweiss James) now already on line we have something of a gap!  I am just a little unsure just what will be next. We have a planned article, possibly becoming a short series, on the subject of Military Nursing/Badges which is currently being planned; an article on state registration badges in preparation; and one on recovering or replacing lost badges which is currently the favourite 'Next'. This is currently the furthest developed and should be popular. It will certainly be popular with me - as each enquiry has currently to be responded to via individualized email. But pending publication - please don't let the last sentence deter you - we get much pleasure from each success!

Member Photograph Galleries.
Are still  accumulating at a very reasonable pace. The 'National' galleries now contain 2137 nursing/hospital badge photographs encompassing all areas of the UK; 293 photographs (buildings/people/ephemera); and 42 photographs of nurse uniforms, both civilian and military. It is becoming a small on-line museum and is adding to our knowledge of nursing history quite nicely, thanks to our contributors. It is available to anyone who cares to register as a member - a very simple process. All is free...

Welcome - Register Here.
But please be aware, our site is rated on Google by Norton Internet Security as being absolutely safe. We intend to keep it that way. You can help by using a reasonable ID and your own genuine email address. Anything that appears dubious may result in failed registration. Whilst our site is free to users, it is hosted by the largest ISP in Europe at commercial rates - with highly professional back-up. Safe and secure!
Christmas 2009 Competition - Winners...

There were three  winners sharing the five prizes in the Christmas 2009 competition two very genuine East Glamorgan school of nursing badges donated by member Fran Biley; two superb reproduction badges, one Cane Hill, one North Wales hospital Denbeigh donated by member 'alicostello' ; and a brand new unopened DVD of the film 'Atonement' donated as our own schoolsofnursing prize.

The winners were 'jock 57'; 'nursesue'; and 'eric'.

All have now received and we hope continue to enjoy their prizes. We do not plan to reveal who won which prize/s. What we will reveal is that a definitive answer to the 3 parts of Q5 was not received. The prizes were awarded on the basis of the first and best analyses received. But we will be asking the question again in the future and supporting the question with these analyses. Sooner or later 'the' answer will be found...

Contact: - Here

The site forum - Membership and Visitors.
In January 2007 we opened the forum for business.  I new topic; 4 replies; 2 new members; and 5 unique visitors!!

The current situation is just a little different. At February 2010 we now have 155 topics'; and 771 posts from 168 members. Not too bad for a history site, but since this one deals with nurses, nursing and hospitals we still have some way to go. We have that in hand. So far we have still not sought to openly promote the site. Our preference has always been to ensure quality and more importantly, 24/7 availability. We seem to have achieved that...

Time perhaps, in 2010, to move forward...

Our January visitors. 6,887 (unique) visits. 21,097 pages served up. A year on year increase in visits of over 55% compared with the same period last year (2009). Nice.

Worldwide.. Certainly our visitors are wide ranging - from 44 countries worldwide... Australia & New Zealand and Canada are well represented in addition to the UK and USA. There are also some more esoteric sounding countries - China; Russia; Cayman Islands; Japan; Malaysia; plus Romania and Spain.

E-Mail Contact - the 'contact' link (above and throughout the site) arrives directly on the webmaster's desk. Use it to communicate directly with the site. All mail is considered confidential unless the contents are stated to be otherwise. Stated to be for public consumption by you. Publication itself is an editorial decision.
Collecting... English State Registration and enrolment badges..
Perhaps the most exciting time in the career of the majority of nurses was the day they were able to pin their newly received state registration and enrolment badge to their uniform. It felt good - I can tell you that, I was there! It was a public recognition that a nurse had made it - had successfully completed the course of training; overcome the obstacles (professional and personal); passed the theoretical and practical examinations - including the orals, and was at last publicly recognized as competent to practise!

Face side of the English State Registered Nurse badge issued between 1921 and 1983. The design was the same for all five registers. The State Enrolled Nurse badge had exactly the same pattern - but the enamel colour was green, the Registration badge blue - the metals differed.

Collecting state badges is quite popular, but because the number issued was far greater than the individual school/hospital badges, prices tend to be lower. Registration badges seem to be in greater demand than SEN badges, and command better prices. There are possibly two reasons for this. The 'snob' value and appearance, and more to the point, the metals used differed. Early registration badges were silver - later ones chromium plated (!), whilst the enrolment badges were brass or a similar base metal.

However, it is interesting to note the apparent preference of collectors for state registration badges to SEN badges. Because of the smaller numbers available, the SEN badge should in theory be in much higher demand and command much higher prices. The opposite appears the case right now. I wonder how long that situation will last - and who will be the first to obtain one for each of the available specialties?

Collecting registration badges is perhaps the most popular precisely because it is not too difficult (or too expensive) to create a complete set - say one for each nursing specialty.  SRN; RFN; RSCN; RMN; RNMD; RNMS; RNMH.  General; Fever; Sick Children's; Mental; Mentally Defective; Mentally Subnormal; Mentally Handicapped. The last three refer to nursing people with learning disabilities - the changing titles reflecting the changing attitudes and legislative definitions accorded to this group. (I don't think that passing changes which referred to mental impairment ever reached the GNC badges). Whatever, a full collection is possible, but RFN; RMND; RNMS; and RNMH badges are quite rare.

There are many tiny differences in manufacture which make State badges quite interesting. Manufacturer marks differ although there was only one manufacturer (Thos Fattorini); inscription methods differ; hall-marks (on silver badges) differ; materials differ; pins differ - and there were also button-hole fittings; some badges are fitted with safety-chain loops; some still have their safety-chains; some are battle worn with chipped enamel and scratches; some are still pristine - perhaps with original boxes and paperwork - perhaps even the original receipt (early badges had to be paid for). All difference which make these badges more interesting. All differences which help date a badge's manufacture accurately - or sometimes on official 'Duplicate' badges, confuse all concerned!

One of the earliest GNC badges I am aware of in a collection was issued to a nurse qualifying as RSCN.

D.J.A. Peacock RSCN 70!  24.4.1922

Silver Hallmarked. Original Fattorini (Hockley St) markings and original design pin in working condition. Absolute gold! Oh, sorry, Silver - 10Gms..

Imagine. Imagine that you had a full set of state badges, all of them, including Mrs Bedford-Fenwicks' (number 1), and couldn't remember where you had left the suitcase...  Forgive yourself? you never would.... Better have another look under the bed!
*Our Forum Topic on GNC badges (open to all) can be found Here.

Another Photograph from the past...
Mayday Hospital, Croydon - January 1970 PTS.
*Training Hospitals/Details Here
Mayday Hospital Croydon (SRN Students) January 1970 Set pictured during PTS outside Mayday Hospital Nurse Education Centre. We were all very excited about undergoing our training. I remember them all vividly with fondness. Sadly some of the first names and some surnames are missing. My apologies to those. If  anyone can assist with names/whereabouts, I would be grateful. We hope to have our 40 years reunion this year.* (2009) Janet Herd.      Photo Gallery Here.

Back Row (peering through) Left to Right: 1. Marylin Thompson. 2.Ronnie Rayner. 3.Anna Joseph. 4.Name:?  5.Name?  6.Name?
Middle Row:  7.Janet Graves. 8.Jennifer Booth. 9.Alice Sadick. 10.Janet Herd(Kneeling). 11.Mrs Moore (Nurse Tutor). 12.Miss Summers (Nurse Tutor). 13.Brigit Comerford. 14.Ellen Foley.
Front Row:  15.Name?  16.Kay Tay. 17.Louanne Ooi. 18.Judy Yee-Ho. 19.Lesley Ames. 20.Name?. 20.Maureen Clohisey - (Photographer - out of picture):

Well, that seems yet another very pleasant note upon which to end the Site News, so for now all the very best - smile and we all prosper!

Would you like to see your PTS or training group featured here? We desperately need more photographs to feature. Can you help?  If so please Contact us.

We express our grateful appreciation to those people
who have contributed the original photographs
used to produce the News Pages.

1. News heading photo (all dates) - John Reeves
2. Bristol Southmead Gold (April) - John Reeves
3. St Bartholomew's Gold (April) - Ruth Watkin-Jones
4. Haygarth Silver (April) - 'ukhistory' (ebay)
5. Newcastle LS (April) - Peter Backman (Nursing badges)
6. RRC Medal (April)  photo's- 'Caulgisbo' (ebay)
8. 'catandfrog' (July) - (ebay).
9. bokojnr (Dec) - (ebay).
10. blue.bottle (Dec) - (ebay).
11. 'backman' - (ebay).*
12. Hotminicooper (Jun) - (ebay).
13. Right-one50 (Oct - (ebay).
14. jcollinsmedals (Dec - (ebay).
15. Brittania Medals (Dec 2009).
16. elaine3080 (Feb 2010) - (ebay).
17. Fran Biley (Feb 2010) - schoolsofnursing.
All Copyrights are Asserted

*11. -  'backman' is also creator and webmaster of the 'nursingbadges'
'historyofhospitals' websites.

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