The Jersey Group of Hospitals
Channel Islands.

Short Description

The Jersey Group of Hospitals  Hospital badge was awarded to nurses on completion of  (length of) training.

 The badge is oval in shape and made from (materials), with the hospital name outlined around the circumference.

The badge weighs (weight) grams and has a (rear pin/button hole) fixing.

Picture: The central design is of the Jersey coat of arms below a Queens Crown.

Badges (were/were not) named and dated with the name of the recipient on the reverse.

The badge design (was by/is unknown at the present time)
Manufactured by (badge maker)
The number of badges (made/awarded) is (number/unknown).
First awarded in (Date).

Heraldry: The Jersey coat of arms is a red shield with three gold leopards passant guardant.  It derives from the seal granted to the islandís bailiff by Edward I in 1279. In 1907, Edward VII sanctioned the claimed usage by the island of the arms. It is very similar to the arms of Normandy, Guernsey and England. Since 1981, the arms have been included in the flag of Jersey. © wikipedia Commons.

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