South West Metropolitan Region Schools Timeline - 1974

In 1974 there were 26 Schools/combined schools of nursing in the SW Metropolitan Region of the NHS involving 105 hospitals in nurse training - spread across 23 geographical regions of the UK. 13 regions in  England - plus 7 regions covering the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Wales and Scotland. Not forgetting of course the Schools of Nursing of the armed services, each of which used it's own military hospitals.

All were part of the then still mushrooming growth of the NHS following its inception in1948.  An NHS which was to cater for all.  Cradle to the grave. An NHS attempting to cover almost all known medical conditions. Not surprising then that since that beginning there had developed a plethora of nursing specialties, some sub-divided into highly specialized categories, all designed to meet particular needs. The nurses to meet those needs - General, Sick Children's, Mental, and Mental Subnormality Nurses, were, by 1974, being trained under the auspices of the General Nursing Councils. One for England and Wales; one for Scotland; and one for Northern Ireland.

In 1974 there were 27 main qualifications which students of nursing studied and trained for. Which number did not include many highly specialized courses, including university degrees, followed consecutively and concurrently by basic course students and qualified nurses. Midwifery training has always been a feature....

The 1974 timeline is about the schools of nursing which trained the vast majority of nurses who then practiced in the UK.  About the courses. About the students who followed them to become registered nurses. About the awards they gained on the way. About their teachers, including ward staff. About the hospitals. About nursing practice. Above all it is about the reality of the practice of nurse education and training in the '70's. All about it.... Welcome!!

  1 Banstead Hospital Hospitals School of Nursing.
  2 Brompton Hospital School of Nursing.
  3 Cane Hill School of Nursing.
  4 Chelsea and Kensington School of Nursing.
  5 Chichester and Graylingwell School of Nursing.
  6 Croydon Hospitals Education Centre.  (EC*).
  7 Epsom and West Park Group Nurse Education Centre. (EC*).
  8 Farnham and Brookwood Schools of Nursing.
  9 Guildford School of Nursing.
10 Horton Hospital School of Nursing.
11 The Ivy Lang School of Nursing.
12 King Edward VII Hospital School of Nursing.
13 Kingston and Long Grove Group School of Nursing.
14 Nightingale (St Thomas's) Hospital School of Nursing.
15 North West Surrey Group School of Nursing.
16 Queen Mary's Hospital for Children School of Nursing.
17 Royal Earlswood Hospital Group School of Nursing.
18 The Royal Masonic Hospital School of Nursing.
19 St Ebba's Hospital School of Nursing.
20 St Georges Hospital School of Nursing.
21 St Helier Group School of Nursing.
22 St Lawrence's Hospital School of Nursing.
23 South West London Group School of Nursing.
24 Springfield Hospital School of Nursing.
25 Wolfson School of Nursing of Westminster Hospital
26 Worthing Southlands and District Group School of Nursing.
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