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  Outstanding Nightingale School of Nursing Items.  


There can be no doubt in the minds of serious collectors that the badge of the Nightingale School of Nursing is one of the most beautiful and superbly executed designs ever to be produced. For a nurse to gain and ultimately wear one on her uniform must have been a source of pride bar none....  The chance to own one - become a custodian for a short time - is the stuff a nurse-collector's dreams...

So when an American correspondent told us that she was about to sell one it raised a certain attention. When she told us about the actual sale she intended we were, literally, all ears.  If collecting a Nightingale badge is the stuff of dreams, then this is one sale from which you might never want to awaken!

The badge and photograph of Ms Barbara Tyler - "
Assistant Matron-in-Charge at St. Thomas' Hydestile (Godalming, Surrey), when the hospital was moved out of London during the Blitz of 1941. She was one of the team of three nurses who nursed KING GEORGE VI, father of present QUEEN), at Buckingham Palace prior to his death in 1952"... Stunning! Lets have a close look...
Ms Barbara Tyler Assistant Matron St Thomas Hospital Hydestle London Florence Nightingale School of Nursing Assistant Matron Terms of Service of the  St Thomas hospital

Complete with Uniform - cap, cloak and St Thomas Hospital (Nightingale School of Nursing) badge she really does fit the picture. To anyone sitting on the opposite side of her desk - well, I can tell you. If you were in favour you most certainly were and would work endlessly to stay there. If you were not in favour, I have no doubt that fact would have been made quite clear! But looking at her job description, well, only for the bold and the brave.....

Badge box - Florence Nightingale School of Nursing - St Thomas Hospital London Badge - Florence Nightingale School of Nursing - St Thomas Hospital London Badge (Reverse) - Florence Nightingale School of Nursing - St Thomas Hospital London

The box, John Pinches, superb design red leather with gold tooling, clearly inscribed with the words 'The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing' and encompassing the Coat of Arms; The badge - perfect beautiful blue enamel; he rear side clearly displaying the inscribed wording of the 'Nightingale School - St Thomas Hospital', with the name 'Barbara Tyler 1935'. The word 'Loyalty' is also clearly inscribed on the bottom arm of the badge. The only indication that this may not be the badge first presented to Ms Tyler lies in the word 'Duplicate' on the top arm of the badge, but this could well make the badge even more desirable.


Badge & box - Florence Nightingale School of Nursing - St Thomas Hospital London

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