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Unidentified Badge 1- Possibly Nursing/Military

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  Unidentified Badge 1.  


This quite beautiful badge was sent in by Hilda Schmidt from Australia, who was wondering if we could help identify what is quite obviously a heirloom. The badge belonged to her great Aunt, who served during WWI with the QAIMNSR. Hilda's aunt also has war medals in the collection. This one which could not be indentified.

She also has a Middlesex Nurse League badge in her collection, so assumes she was there (in the UK) for a time.


Whilst Hilda did not explicitly state the Middlesex badge had belonged to her, it does not seem outside the bounds of possibility that this was so. For now we can but suppose upon the possibility of further badges, perhaps yet to resurface, perhaps forever lost, which would help reconstruct a picture of the as yet anonymous nursing relative of Hilda Schmidt...

Hilda says that a cousin has the medal in safe keeping and I have asked him to possibly tell me what is written around the edge (in Latin). It looks like it may be Latin. Being an obvious realist she adds  - And there is always the possibility it has nothing to do with nursing at all.

One of our experts, 'backman'  says that this badge has the feel of a more religious item than a hospital or nursing item per se? That being said, it could be linked to one of the many religious nursing bodies such as the
League of Saint Barnabus, etc. He requests a copy of the (Latin) inscription around the edge it is still unreadable once enlarged...

Our own efforts have likewise resulted in failure to decipher the inscription so far. Our best bet is therefore Hilda Schmidt's cousin, since the inscription is pristine, or one of those well known experts who knows what the badge is all the time - they just need to be asked! It is, regardless a superb badge, still in superb condition. It would be really good to know what it is.

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