Collecting Nursing History 4
A Nurse History - 
Marjorie Earley.

Research - Ann Johnstone. Sue Barker.
Text - Wilf Burgess
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Marjorie Earley's Nursing History is as complete as we can make it on the date of publication. There remains a small amount of additional work, some corrections - and perhaps an additional photograph or two to finalize the story. Copyright has been observed throughout. Where it has not been possible to locate a copyright owner after reasonable efforts or the copyright has expired we claim the right to 'fair use'. We will always amend any offending item brought to our attention. Please bear these notes in mind if quoting any part of the story.

Otherwise there is nothing to stop anyone enjoying this history from start to finish. It is well worth the effort.

We have arranged the navigation to take interested visitors through the main framework in a set order - start to finish. We believe it accurate, but if at any time becoming lost occurs remember, There is a 'Start' button at the base of navigable pages. It will bring you back to the start of the history. And the 'Home' button and other links are at the bottom of every page. They will return you to wherever you want to go on the main schoolsofnursing website.

 This history, our second history, is another well worth a look. Enjoy!

Editorial note:

The reference page is currently being developed.

All material is copyright.

Many thanks for your understanding.....

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